• Also: Touro
  1. City in the modern province of Zamora, autonomous community of Castile and Leon.
  2. Place where Pedro of Castile had killed Don Pedro Estévez, the Master of Calatrava, for escorting the queen, as well as of Ruy González de Castañeda, who had taken her arm, along with Alonso Téllez Girón and Martim Afonso Telo. Queen Maria, Pedro's mother, was so disgusted to see her trusted men killed in her presence, that she cursed the king and asked to be sent to Portugal to end her days. [Pedro, ch. 16: 125-135]
  3. Place where Doña Juana Manuel was imprisioned by Pedro of Castile when her husband, Enrique of Trastámara and Pedro's half-brother, defected into France and joined Jean II. [Pedro, ch. 19: 46-55]

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