• Also: Alboquerque
  • Also: Albuquerque
  1. Medieval town in the province of Badajoz, autonomous community of Extremadura, Western modern Spain.
  2. Situated in a border region with Portugal, the town was witness to the passage of many armies on raiding missions be they Portuguese invading Castile or Castilian on their way to invading Portugal.
  3. It was a former estate of João Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese lord of Queen Maria's confidence.
  4. Pedro of Castile, having been refused assitance by his uncle, the King of Portugal, decided to take his daughters to the city of Alburquerque near Badajoz. He wanted to keep them safe while he put an army together to fight Enrique of Trastámara, who had already been accepted as king over most of Castile. The city, however, refused to let him in (1366). [Pedro, ch. 39: 22-25]


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