Aguilar (de la Frontera)


  • Also: Aguillar
  1. Town in Andalusia, named Aguilar de la Frontera on account of its proximity to the border with the emirate of Granada.
  2. In 1353, Pedro I of Castile besieged and took the town by force to stifle a rebellion. The leader, Alfonso Fernández Coronel, was executed together with several other rebels: Pedro Coronel, who was Don Alfonso’s nephew, Juan González de Deza, Ponce Díaz de Quesada, Rodrigo Íñiguez de Biezma, and Juan Alfonso Carrillo.
  3. In 1370, Enrique II of Castile gave the town to Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba in recognition for his support during his struggle for power against Pedro I. 

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