Teresa [de Meira]

  1. Daughter of Gonçalo Pais de Meira, a courtier of Kings Pedro and Fernando of Portugal.
  2. Her marriage to Fernão Gonçalves de Sousa was arranged by Queen Leonor Teles, as Teresa de Meira belonged to a circle of ladies close to the queen and enjoyed her favor. See: Rita Costa-Gomes, The making of  Court Society: Kings and Nobles in Late Medieval Portugal (Cambridge: C.U.P., 2003), p. 61-62.
  3. Governess of Princess Beatriz, daughter of King Fernando of Portugal and Queen Leonor Teles. [João-1, ch, 57: 7-8 ??]
  4.  Teresa Meira's husband was governor of the castle of Portel, Portugal. According to Fernão Lopes, she is reputed to have advised him to join the Castilian faction, instead of his compatriot Master of Avis. This is not surprising, considering that she had been close to Queen Leonor Teles, and had been also the governess (aia) of Princess Beatriz, now married to the king of Castile. [João1, ch. 157: 6-9]
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