Martim Vasques ?? AH -> RCG

  1. Vassal of King Pedro of Portugal.
  2. Together with Gonçalo Eanes de Beja, had the mission of taking a letter of credence to King Pedro of Castile to facilitate the transfer of his mother's body from Évora, Portugal, to Seville, Castile.
Martim Vaasques
1) Is this the same as Martim Vasques de Góis, Senhor de Góis, who witnessed King Pedro swearing that he had married Inês de Castro? 2) Is he also the same prson who accompanied Gil Fernandes de Carvalho, Master of Santiago in Portugal to assist pedro of castile in the siege of Tarazona? See database entries for Martim Vasques, Senhor de Góis, and Martim Vasques de Góis. see also C.D. Pedro, ch. 34: 39-46.

Chronicle entries in which Martim Vasques ?? AH -> RCG appears:

Crónica de D. Pedro, ch. 2: 32, 41

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