Martim Afonso Telo

  1. ( ?-1356) Martim Afonso Telo de Meneses, son of Afonso Martins Teles Raposo and Berengária Lourenço de Valadares.
  2. Brother of João Afonso Telo de Meneses, 4th Count of Barcelos and 1st Count of Ourém.
  3. Married to Aldonça Anes de Vasconcelos.
  4. Father of Maria Teles and of Leonor Teles, future wife of King Fernando of Portugal.
  5. A vassal of King Afonso IV of Portugal and a trusted servant of his daughter Maria, accompanying her to Castile when she married Alfonso XI.
  6. Killed in Toro, Castile, in 1356, in the presence of Queen Maria, by order of the queen's son, Pedro of Castile. On the same occasion, other noblemen were killed too: Pedro Estebáñez Carpintero, Ruy González de Castañeda, and Alonso Téllez Girón. [Pedro, ch. 16: 127-130]
Martim Affonso Tello

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