Hug Folc II, 1st Count of Cardona

  1. (1328-1400) Hug Folc II of Cardona and Anglesola, fifteenth Viscount of Cardona, and 1st Count of Cardona from 1375, by an act of Pedro IV of Aragon. (RCG)
  2. Son of Hugo Vi of Ampurias and Beatriz de Anglesola. The House of Cardona is one of the oldest in Cataluña tracing its origins to the age of the emperor Charlemagne.
  3. Married Beatriz de Luna (1377).
  4. Leader of the retinue sent by Jean II of France to accompany Blanche of Bourbon on the occasion of her marriage to Pedro I of Castile (1353). [Pedro, ch. 16: 53]
  5. Commander of one of the Aragonese galleys sailing ahead searching for Pedro of Castile's fleet for a naval battle (1359), known as the Battle of Barcelona. [Pedro, ch. 24; 63]
Conde de Cardona
Hugo Folch

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