Aires Gomes da Silva

  1. Messenger sent by Pedro of Portugal, on becoming king, to Pedro King of Castile in order to firm up good relations.
  2. This must be Aires Gomes da Silva II (or 'o moço'), chosen as tutor ('aio') of the young heir Fernando since at least 1357. To be distinguished from Aires Gomes da Silva I ("o velho") who was at the court of Afonso IV and had his goods destroyed in the civil war opposing Afonso IV and Pedro in the aftermath of the death of Inês de Castro.
  3. Served King Fernando as his trusted councilor and standard-bearer ("alferes-mor"). Participated in several embassies to Castile, including presenting to Enrique II the clauses of the betrothal between Princess Beatriz of Portugal and Don Fadrique, Count of Benavente, the Castilian monarch's son. [Fernando, ch. 96].
  4. Married (before 1368) Urraca Mendes Tenório, the sister of the Archbishop of Toledo.
  5. His main property was the "Quintã da Silva", near Valença (Minho), where the noble tower is still standing (torre da Silva).
  6. Died in 1385. His descendants went into exile in Castile in the context of the dynastic change of 1383-85.
Airas Gomez da Sillva

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