Afonso das Leis

  1. Privado, confidential courtier of King Pedro of Portugal. [Pedro, ch. 27: 20]
  2. He was present when King Pedro swore on the Gospels that he had married Dona Inês de Castro. [Pedro, ch. 27: 19-20]
  3. Served as officer and royal judge in the government of kings Afonso IV, Pedro and Fernando between 1344 and 1378, and as royal councilor after 1369.
  4. He participated in at least one royal embassy to Castile in 1372.
  5. In 1379, together with his wife Maria Domingues, he established an entailment (morgadio) in his properties in the Alentejo.
  6. Royal documents mention he was already dead in 1381.
  7. His full name was Afonso Domingues.
Affonso das Leis

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