Abenahatim, Ibn al-Khatib

  1. (1313-1374) Ibn al-Khatib, Arab historian, philosopher and poet, considered one of the greatest writers of Granada. He wrote several letters of advice to contemporaneous princes including Pedro the Criel of Castile.. See: Encyclopedia of Medieval Iberia, ed. Michael Gerli (New York: Routledge, 2003), 416–417.
  2. "Este Aben Hatin o Benahatin fue muy conocido en el reino de Granada, pues no es otro que el famoso historiador árabe Aben Aljatib, del cual se conserva una colección de cartas escritas hacia 770 (1368), dirigidas por él a los príncipes, llenas de sabios consejos refiriendo algunos hechos de la gran lucha de españoles contra musulmanes, entre cuyas cartas se encuentran las dirigidas a Pedro el Cruel; el manuscrito lleva el título de «Yerbas olorosas de los catibes o secretarios y apacentamiento de las cosas que acontecieron". [This Aben Hatin or Benahatin was very well known in the sultanate of Granada, since he is none other than the famous Arab historian Aben Aljatib, from whom there has survived a collection of letters written around 770 (1368), directed at princes, being full of wise advice and mentioning a number of facts arising from the long struggle of Spaniards against Muslims; among these letters are those directed at Pedro the Cruel; the manuscript bears the title of  “Sweet herbs from the catibes or secretaries and food for thought deriving from events”. - Translation by CW] See Ginés Pérez de Hita (1544?-1619?), Guerras Civiles de Granada, ed. Paula Blanchard-Demouge, Centro de Estudios Históricos (Spain), Madrid: Imp. de Bailly-Baillère, 1913-1915, Chap, 31. University of Toronto Internet Archive: www.archive.org/details/guerrascivilesde01pruoft. The author explains the possible way in which the ending -ib/v (by a Spanish-Arabic copyist) would have become -in through the misreading of the v as an n, which is quite common.. Ayala calls this man Benahatín (1369, III) and there are other references connecting him to Pedro of Castile. (TA) 


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