Álvaro Gonçalves de Moura


  1. Vassal of King Pedro of Portugal.
  2. Accompanied Gil Fernandes de Carvalho, the Master of Santiago in Portugal, as well as Martim Vasques de Góis, Gonçalo Mendes de Vasconcelos, Martim Afonso de Melo, Nuno Viegas the Elder, and Rui Vasques Ribeira to assist Pedro of Castile in the siege of Tarazona. They were sent by King Pedro of Portugal, Pedro of Castile's uncle. [Pedro, ch. 34: 39-46]
  3. Knight of the military order of Avis. Served King Pedro as the 'alcaide-mor' (castellan) of the fortresses of Évora and Moura (Alentejo).
  4. Married Urraca Mendes de Azambuja, known as 'a alcaidessa'.
  5. His sister, Beatriz Gonçalves de Moura, was part of the household of queen Leonor Teles and later served the daughter of King João I.
  6. His only son Lopo was taken to Castile as hostage to the peace treaties of 1382.
  7. Served as ambassador of King Fernando, namely to the papal Curia and to France.
  8. He received from the king part of the 'old castle' of Évora, where the bishops used to have their prison. It was given to him by King Fernando so that he could make it into his residence ('para nele fazer paço'), but the building was later confiscated by King João I and returned to the bishops.
Alvoro Gonçallvez de Moura

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