Álvaro Gonçalves

  1. (?-1361?) Portuguese courtier and 'meirinho-mor' (chief provincial governor) of Pedro of Portugal while still a prince. [Pedro, ch. 30: 19-20]
  2. Accused of being responsible for the death of Inês de Castro together with other courtiers, Diogo Lopes Pacheco and Pero Coelho, instigating King Afonso IV of Portugal to allow her execution.  [Pedro, ch. 30: 15-23]
  3. Arrested in Castile and exchanged for other Castilian prisoners that were held by King Pedro of Portugal. [Pedro, ch. 30: 65-74]
  4. Executed in Santarém in 1361 ? [Pedro, ch. 31: 96-101]
Alvoro Gonçallvez

Chronicle entries in which Álvaro Gonçalves appears:

Crónica de D. Pedro, ch. 30: 19, 22, 52
Crónica de D. Pedro, ch. 31: 8-9, 72, 81, 98
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