1. Dinheiro, penny; coin made out of copper and some silver, a metal league known as billon, bulhão in Portuguese.
  2. The dinheiro is considered the first Portuguese coin. It was issued by Afonso Henriques and stayed in circulation until 1433, used side by side with other Arab coins. The dinheiro is related to the French denier. Three dinheiros could buy a chicken and six could buy a duck. See Historia de la Moneda en Portugal,  http://www.numisma.org/Utilidades/Historia%20de%20Portugal.pdf
  3. Dinheiros alfonsiis: Afonsine pennies. Dinheiros minted in the reign of King Afonso IV of Portugal, and which King Pedro continued to mint with the same composition and value. [Pedro, ch. 11: 57-59]
  4. 12 dinheiros = 1 soldo (20 soldos =1 libra), with King Dinis. These were known as 'dinheiros velhos', old dinheiros. [Fernando, ch.55: 18-20]
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