Siege of Lisbon

  1. In 1384, in a bid for the crown of Portugal, Juan I of Castile laid a siege to the city of Lisbon, which lasted nearly four months. Juan I was married to Beatriz, the heir of the deceased King Fernando of Portugal.
  2. Fernão Lopes decribes  the heroic resistance of the people of Lisbon, including many incidents indicating that God was on the side of the Portuguese. The city itself becomes a character in his Chronicle of King john I, Part 1.
  3. Only Castilians die of the plague.
  4. The Queen of Castile cought the plague, which was taken as one more sign that the King of Castile should .lift the siege and return home.
  5. The King of Castile leaves, but with the intention of returning once again with a great army. This forecasts the Battle of Aljubarrota in 1385.
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