Fernão Lopes's search for the truth

  1. "About these and other narratives that are enemies of the truth we shall write nothing more lest we prolong matters. Indeed, it would have been far better for them not to have been written than to leave everybody with such empty opinions to believe and to confer everlasting ill repute upon the dead." [Fernando, ch. 37: 56-60]
  2. "Our answer to these uncertainties has been achieved after a great deal of hard work and investigation as to where the truth lay in each case, so that the accurate account in respect of all of them now follows." [Fernando, ch. 38: 17-19]
  3. "Such is an accurate account of all the events about which we raised doubts at the beginning of this narrative." [Fernando, ch. 54: 37-38]
  4. "Anyone who writes that this assistance was to consist of five galleys at the expense of King Fernando is very much mistaken, for no such provision was included in their treaties."   [Fernando, ch. 82: 65-67]
  5. "If certain authors give a different account of this in their books, put no trust in such writings." [Fernando, ch. 82: 93-94]
  6. "Anyone who claims that more marriages were included in these treaties is mistaken in his history." [Fernando, ch. 82: 106-107]

Chronicle entries in which Fernão Lopes's search for the truth appears:

Crónica de D. Fernando, ch. 82: 65-67, 93-94, 106-107
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