Dating: Era of Caesar v. Anno Domini


  1. Fernão Lopes habitually uses Era of Caesar year-dates. In the Chronicle of King Pedro, ch. 17, for instance, he supplies the date of ‘1388’ instead of its equivalent AD '1350', which is used nowadays.
  2. In medieval times in the Iberian Peninsula such dates were regularly used and refer back to 38 BC, the year in which Caesar Octavianus Augustus took over the government of ‘Hispania’, the Iberian Peninsula. Augustus, however, did not become the first Roman Emperor until after his naval victory over Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC.
  3. In Portugal, Era of Caesar year-dates were used until AD 1422, when King João I ordered the change to Anno Domini dating.
  4. For the reader’s convenience Era of Caesar dates have normally been converted to AD dates throughout the translation into English.

Chronicle entries in which Dating: Era of Caesar v. Anno Domini appears:

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