The guiding objective of the Fernão Lopes Translatio Project is to produce the first complete English translation of three Portuguese chronicles of the 15th century by Fernão Lopes: Crónica de D. Pedro, Crónica de D. Fernando and Crónica de D. João I, parts I and II.


The translation in four volumes is expected to be available by the Spring of 2017. It is being published by Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge, UK, and Rochester, NY, USA, in Tamesis, the special collection dedicated to Medieval Iberian works and studies.


The present free access website is intended to support and illustrate the printed edition. It has been designed to offer researchers and the interested general public a pool of resources on Fernão Lopes, Portuguese History and related events in Medieval Europe. It contains a glossary of terms in Portuguese and respective translation into English; a database listing and cross-referencing the chronicles, respective chapters, personalities, and place names mentioned in each of them; interactive maps, genealogies, timelines, glossaries and other notes and links to further assist in  integrating the chronicles in the context of the period covered spanning from 1357 to 1411.


This is a long-term project and website that will be in construction for several years. Nevertheless, as the information contained can already be of use to many medievalists, it has been decided to make it public before its completion.



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